About us

EOY believes that dreams can come true.

EOY was born in late 2019, in the greater Lisbon area, but the seed of those who do what they always wanted to do comes from a child, when a girl, in her grandmother’s atelier, who was a seamstress, started creating and sewing clothes for her Barbie.

This girl regularly spent holidays with this grandmother and was completely fascinated by that small world full of fabrics and the melody of the sewing machine.

Now, that girl is a woman, with her family. She has a husband who also believes that dreams can come true and decided to share that dream with her. And he also has two children. Finally, she has a real Barbie, because her daughter is Barbara and has Ken, her son Francisco.

EOY is a brand made in Portugal and with respect for all who make it a reality.

Be your best version with EOY and never forget to believe in your dreams!